Trust the Ride

Words from Sarah:

Hey everyone…
I have to say it again. Wow.
I never considered that I would find myself here with a new website, a new passion and a new dream.

Music is my passion, but this Covid break gave me time to reflect on what is important in life, the mistakes I’ve made as a human being, and what truly makes me happy.
I know I’m not alone with all these feelings; Grief, loss, loneliness.
But also the positive feelings of huge love and support I’ve felt from the people around me who have stepped up during this time. I have never felt so loved and encouraged. Your belief in me hits deep into my soul.
And this is what has kept me focused on music; creating, performing, sharing my experiences.
It’s been YOU.

It’s time for me to put my hands to work, though.
It’s time for me to work on something beyond my knowledge and comprehension.
I want to learn and grow.
And I want to work on creating something that my partner Lesley and I can be proud to call ours.

This is where the school bus comes in.
My friend and fellow musician Deni Gauthier asked me if it was something I would want to be included in.
Thank you Deni.
You’ve created a monster!!
(P.S – Be sure to follow Deni and his family on Instagram skoolieforsix)

Now – Lesley and I are ready to give it everything we have.
We are so ready to put our hands and hearts to work and #trusttheride that we will be guided to exactly where we are meant to be.

My strongest hope is that by travelling the road less travelled, we will be able to share our experiences and offer a taste of adventure to anyone out there who is seeking it!

We are going to be unveiling all sorts of fun things on our journey:
Blogs like this where we can share our feelings with you
Vlogs to help you keep up with our build
New ways that I can continue to bring music to you throughout these strange times.
Lots of photos
The whole kit and kaboodle!

So buckle up and ‘Trust the Ride’ along with us!!!

4 thoughts on “Trust the Ride

  1. Tyler

    Hey Sarah and Lesley, I just wanted to say Good Luck. It will be a long road, but you will definitely get there, Thank You both for all the time you put into doing concerts online, especially for mine and Iris’s 12TH Anniversary that meant a whole lot to us and we’ll always cherish that. #SarahAndLesleyAreAwesome #MusicIsAHealingForce #TrustTheRide


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