Taking a Break…

We vowed that once we got the bus in our hands we would work on it full time and work as hard as we could so we could have our new home ready to hit the open road as quickly as possible.

We did work hard. I put in about 40 hours a week for a few weeks. Lesley joined me when she could in between working her full time job. We helped our friends strip their buses for the first few weeks while ours was still in the shop get safetied. We learned so much together as a team, so when our bus was finally back from the shop, we were able to get caught up to the other two buses in only a short few days.

I have been doing my best to share videos of our build, and the emotional journey of letting go of our life as we know it and making room for this new adventure. Please subscribe and follow along with us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwSI04YGL_EWMcq5cKUzRew

So fast forward to today. I’m laying in a hotel bed in Brantford Ontario and just about to embark on my last show of a week long tour across Ontario. I had an opportunity to tour and play music with some friends and I just couldn’t turn it down. The music world has changed so much since March of last year. There are no more crowds and everything is regulated. But I do feel there is still a way to bring music safely to people. And this tour made my heart happy. The only downside, was it took a week away from our bus building.

Then, as fate would have it, Lesley’s job was eliminated and she was offered some paid time off. It was a very emotional time in our household. We were dreaming about the open road and living a free life, but still holding on to our security of a nice home and financial backing. So when Lesley’s job ended, we both had to face some real fear. What will we do about money? What is our purpose? Who are we? Will we make it? What do we really need to survive? Can we actually do this? Trusting the ride has never been more challenging as it is in this very moment. We are trusting. We have our arms wide open. We are asking the universe to guide us to where we are needed. Everything is going to be okay!

And then another little turn of events: We decided to book some time to get away to BC to visit with Lesley’s family and also suss out some property on Vancouver Island. Lesley worked hard all through Covid with very few days off. It was stressful and she did her best to keep positive through it all while her partner (me) was curled up in a ball mourning my life as I knew it. Then add to her plate, helping me with all my shows and the bus work on top of it all.

So – we decided a holiday together would be just what the doctor ordered, The only downside, was it will take another week away from our bus building.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for supporting us on our adventure together. Please follow our friend’s builds as well. They are teaching us what to do every step of the way and we are eternally grateful that they’ve taken us under their wings: @journeywithourtribe @skoolieforsix

And we will go continue to @trusttheride the best we can! Blessings!

1 thought on “Taking a Break…

  1. Gerry Runstedler

    Life certainly has been upended for many of us during this strange time. It is refreshing to see you and Lesley venturing out to follow your dreams and experience an interesting adventure. I am guilty of holding on to my past and am tied to this town and my house for no real reason. I look forward to seeing your progress on your journey. Always an avid supporter and loyal friend.


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