Just a quick post to release in words a few things that have happened recently, while Lesley and I have been “TRUSTING THE RIDE”.

After an affirming trip to BC, and after manifesting a career change to Vancouver Island, Lesley was offered a new position in her field in beautiful VICTORIA, BC!!

She was asked to start December 14th! That gave us a mere three weeks to do a complete move across this giant country!

What ensued was three adrenaline filled weeks of excitement!!

Three weeks to say our goodbyes.

Three weeks to work on our bus and talk about the future of our beautiful tiny home. In case you are wondering, we are leaving our bus here in Ontario to be completed by our friends @journeywithourtribe and @skoolieforsix

Talk about being grateful!!!

Once our buses are all complete, our hope is to travel across this beautiful country in a bus convoy, play some live music and experience Canada in a very unique way.

But for now – we have to get ready to GO!!!

The house renovations were surprisingly expedited, we got to packing up our life, donated most of our belonging and within a week, our house was up on the market. Three days later, we graciously accepted an offer, with no conditions. Our house was SOLD!

Lesley shipped her vehicle to BC, and I kept mine here to scoot around in and do errands with.

After the house sold, we began to realize that we were actually MOVING! We spent as much time with family and friends as we could. We laughed and cried. We reminisced and dreamed. We let go and we held on tight.

Life is changing. And we are trusting.

I was asked to play some music for some private events online – a few charity events, some corporate Zoom concerts, a friend’s commitment party and even a birthday party for our German pal, Conny. I am SUPER grateful for these virtual shows. Gigs. During a pandemic? How blessed I am!!!!! I still have some dates available for December! Virtual Christmas concert anyone?????

I’ve also been recording music and shooting some videos with my friend and producer Ken Kokko in London Ontario. “The Project” features over twenty five different collaborators . I cannot wait to share this music with you!!!

And Christmas – Christmas is here!!! Snow is falling, festive music is filling the airwaves, gifts are being given / accepted, and lights are blinking brightly around us. It all just makes everything feel so surreal.

Three weeks of stressing, accepting, creating, working, navigating.

Tomorrow is moving day!!!!

Wish us luck, and be in touch!!

And hey – don’t forget to #trusttheride

10 thoughts on “Life!!

  1. Karen & Scott Rodrique

    WOW that sounds like a crazy 3 weeks! I can relate a bit I did a 2 weeks applied, interviewed, got the job in Jasper, packed up my house in storage and drove across Canada. And never looked back! You ladies got this! Safe travels and enjoy every minute of this adventure <3

  2. Terri Miller

    Trust the ride my friends all the best on moving day, safe travels to y’all. I am sure Bron can’t wait to have all the treats once you land. No more diet for him for awhile.
    Love ya & until we can see ya next time. Big hugs xoxo

  3. Darcy Murray

    I will be cheering you on everyday my friends, your living the dream, go for it, live, love and laugh. Blessed I am to have you to call friends. Love you both, Love D n D and the little D’s too.

  4. Darcy Murray

    I will be cheering you on everyday my friends, your living the dream, go for it, live, love and laugh. Blessed I am to have you to call friends. Love you both, Love D n D and the little D’s too.

  5. Carol Kovosi

    What an amazing journey you are on! Thank you for sharing it with us. We will see you again online and Goddess willing, face to face this summer. Enjoy the ride my loves. ~Carol

  6. Bev

    Wow what a busy time for you both. Safe travels to BC. Have a great Christmas and all the best in 2021. Hopefully I can catch a few of the Ontario shows next summer.

  7. Gerry Runstedler

    It was a time of mixed emotions to say so long for now. I am so happy for you and Lesley and I wish you all the best and great success on this exciting venture. We will keep the fires burning for you back here in Ontario with much love in our hearts and counting the joyful blessings we have shared. 🙏✌️♥️🎶🎸

  8. Gail Roy

    Thank you for sharing the blog site…I am now in the loop and very Excited and Happy for you both!!
    I will be out again next year when I can get my ‘show’ on the road, maybe with Lucy agin.
    Hopefully timing will work for a visit…


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